On 13 September 2005 within the Technical and Artistc Committee of the Consortium Schools City of Marano, to give continuity to actions aimed at sharing, beyond the school circle, the principles of the festival with the most different social realities of the local community and to give the festival an effective organizational structure, the Association Marano Youths Spot Festival was born.

The association since its establishment is constantly engaged in:

  1. Punti elencorealization of the event Marano Youths Spot Festival;

  1. Punti elencoproduction and realization of social advertising campaigns, including those for Memorial Day and Commitment to the innocent victims of the Mafia organized by Libera associations, names and numbers against mafias;

  1. Punti elencoproduction of films and documentaries for the school circuitry;

  1. Punti elencoseminars and training courses in education to legality for schools and associations;

  1. Punti elencoseminars and educational courses about the use of the media