Subtitle a selfie for legality, Ce I put the face is an interactive exhibition aimed to schoolchildren bells, produced by Marano Boys Spot Festival and organized in collaboration with Libera at the prestigious headquarters of the National Museum of Capodimonte.

It's fun and present a proposal that, using modern technologies of tablet and smartphone, now available to everyone, wants to encourage among boys reflections on social and ethical issues.

With this initiative, promoted by the Campania Regional Education and the Directorate of the National Museum of Capodimonte, is renewed for the second consecutive year, the relationship between art and Legality in a process that will combine the research of the values of legality and the 'intent to make available and "family" space-museum. The aim is to encourage young people in a renewed awareness and social awareness, through the encounter with art and beauty.

Assisted by the Reception and Development of the Museum of Capodimonte young visitors will be accompanied in the Museum in a brief tour dedicated to meet: The Allegory of Justice, Truth and Rumor Has Giorgio Vasari, a copy of Michelangelo's Findings Universal Venusti Marcello, The Blind Leading the Blind and The Misanthrope by Pieter Bruegel the Elder and the Hercules at the Crossroads of Annibale Carracci.

Students are then assigned to Guides outstanding (judges, journalists, writers, social workers etc.) That will be authorized to accompany them in a "Socratic stroll" to reflect on famous phrases of the most famous victims of the Mafia (Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino, Giancarlo Siani, Peppino Impastato etc.), reproduced in the exhibition, and choose their photo taken in a selfie alongside the author of the sentence that will have them more involved.

A video with all selfie, will be screened in a loop on a screen placed at the beginning of the exhibition.



a selfie for legality

If we taught beauty to people, we would give them the chance to fight against resignation, fear and omertà.

We accept the presence of dreadful buildings built suddenly with all their bleakness: this is the result of speculative politics. We have windows with nice curtains, balconies with flowers and so we forget very soon how those places looked like just few years before!

Everything, only because now it seems to be like this, is as if it has always been in that way.

This is the reason why we should educate  people to appreciate beauty: because habit and resignation don’t creep into women and men but curiosity and wonder could always be alive.

Peppino Impastato

It does not create justice without seeking the truth.

Don Luigi Ciotti

If there is one thing that the day of judgment you should be condemned for, is that you've got love in your home and you could not recognize it.

Gabriel Garcìa Marquez

True love is to love what we do not like, to be able to change it.

Paolo Borsellino

It is necessary to fulfil our duty to the end, whatever the sacrifice may be, at all costs, because it is there that theessence of  human dignity is.

Giovanni Falcone

Perhaps an honest world will never exist, but who prevents us from dreaming, perhaps, if everyone tries to change perhaps, we will succeed.

Rita Atria

Will You  continue to be chosen or will you choose finally?

Fabrizio De Andrè

Before fighting Mafia you have to make a self-examination and then, after defeating Mafia within yourself, you can fight Mafia that is in the circle of your friends, Mafia is us and our wrong way to behave .

Rita Atria

Crime, corruption can’t be fought only with the help of the police.

People have to know and only then they can choose, they need to know the facts. And then what a journalist "journalist" should do is this: to inform people.

Giancarlo Siani

Can  a blind man lead another blind person? Wouldn’t They fall both in a ditch?

Vangelo Matteo 15,14

Whoever is afraid dies every day. Whoever is not afraid, dies only once.

Paolo Borsellino

The Mafia is a pile of shit.

Peppino Impastato

So that a society goes well and moves in progress, in the exaltation of family values, of the spirit of the good, of friendship, in order that it prospers, without contrasts between the various subsidiaries, to start in the serene way a better tomorrow, it is necessary that everyone does his duty.

Giovanni Falcone

The hope for the future is in the sign of us,  in doing together and in the young people.

Don Luigi Ciotti.

Your sentence

You do not have them killed, their ideas will walk on our own feet.

Manifestanti Palermo 1993