These days in Marano……years ago I barely knew them and then I have known them more and more, more; I saw the passion, then I saw that it involved Tom, Dick, then schools, the twinning-projects ... I said we are on the right track, because these things, done in this way, are huge, you know! Maybe you could say, they are small things: it is not the Venice film festival, it is not Cannes, no! News, catwalks that never end! Here the most beautiful walkway is you guys, with your commitment, with your way of being.

This has become an event of great value, because it has a content inside: to build legality, rights, justice, peace, not with words but with deeds. Here, you do it through images, creating your spot, working with your teachers, looking around with the desire to know.

It's the best festival that we can realize, because here is the belly, the head and the heart of all of you.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Don Luigi Ciotti

Realized by the Regional School Office for Campania, within the activities of the Sector Education to Legality

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International Festival of Social Comunication for Children

XXIII online edition 1 – 5 december 2020

The twenty-third edition of the Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival will be held with a formula that will be significantly affected by the restrictions due to the Covid19 emergency, the presence of the "festival kids" will be missing, their vital din their contaminating positivity. However, the quality of the films in competition and the social, cultural and educational value of the event will be kept high.

On the social platforms of the festival and on-line and satellite television networks, We on Web will broadcast a five-part television program intended for the public of children from Italian schools and beyond.

During the broadcasts, set up with a setting that will simulate a cinema, a conductor will dialogue with a jury of boys on the contents of the videos presented in the competition. A thousand students from forty Italian schools will participate in the voting with the use of a special App. The children of the festival will interview the directors, guests and students engaged in the voting online.

Each episode will deal with a specific theme: women, the environment, racism and human rights. A final bet will announce the winners.

We look forward to seeing you in