Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival

school, commitment, responsibility and together for social progress

The Marano Youths Spot Festival is organized by the Consortium Schools City of Marano in order to realize activities coordinated by the Department of Education to Legality Regional Education Office for Campania. It is held in October every year, involving the whole town, to give a  positive and participative identity to young people in an area too offended, plundered and influenced by Camorra, where the school has the onerous task of providing motivation, references, examples, emotions and planning.

The event - sponsored in recent years by the highest institutions of the state and organized in collaboration with’ FREE associations names and numbers against mafias’, with the Advertising Progress Foundation and RAI gulp, welcomes children of all ages coming from all over the world. These boys and girls, with the use of modern technologies of communication, produce adverts to promote legality, social justice, peace, environmental protection and friendship among peoples, interracial and intercultural dialogue, gender equality.

Over the years the Festival has won major awards such as the Prize of High Quality for Children in 2009 and official medals  of the President of the Republic from 2009 to 2014. For many Italian and international schools operating in the field of film and television production and media-education, It is an event of great importance and prestige.

The entire community of the town, is involved in its implementation, to give a positive identity to young people living in an area too offended, plundered and influenced by Camorra. The school community has on its side, in this difficult task , the families that each year welcome and take care of, in their own homes, the hundreds of young people from all over Italy and Europe (three years ago the Association Mothers of the festival was born).

The adverts of MYSF are shown by the monitors in the subway stations and the secondary railways of Naples; and every year on March 21st, in the RAI tv programme of the social advertising they are broadcast to promote the Remembrance Day for the victims of the Mafia organized by Libera; you can find them regularly broadcast by RAI television programmes for children.

And thanks to these commercials, and to the huge commitment of our schools, now the town of Marano of Naples can be proud to be recognized as the town of the Festival for legality, and no longer as the city of Camorra.

"We have a dream": as a sign of a shared dream that becomes a project, Marano Youths Spot Festival is an opportunity to live images and ideas, share creativity, thoughts, participation, social engagement and change.


Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival it adheres to LIBERA assosiations, names and numbers against the mafias