The thing that makes me more ashamed is that they were people from Marano that killed the brilliant journalist Giancarlo Siani.

I have got lots of friends, and I know one, whose father is a member of the ‘Camorra’. He thinks that having a father who killed someone is fantastic, he always boasts and he is very violent.

Marano, our town, is full, so full of Camorra.

The children of the members of the camorra, that killed Giancarlo Siani, attend my school.

I wonder what Camorra is, then I gave an answer: Camorra is the revenge of ignorance.

‘Give an adventure to all the children who were born’ - that  is the answer of one of the young boys from the prison of Nisida to the question:- what should we do to reduce the number of young people who are in prison? -

The Marano Youths Spot Festival represents me because I share the things it does. Then, it is as old as me: 12 years old...

A little girl, a pair of blue eyes as large and deep as the sea ... but some children, some of them ... What is their fault?..., Why are they considered guilty ..., if their dad is a member of the camorra?!

It’s true Marilia was the protagonist of the spot, -Raffaella ,12 years old, tells us-but all of us have created the spot ... in the circle, a lot of minds became one person.

Bairam – a Serbian child fugitive from the Balkan war - I discovered something about me you should have never known -... –what?- the teacher who is interviewing asks ...- I discovered happiness-.

Francesca 10 years: Making commercials is the most beautiful part of the festival, as for me. When I was a child, I watched the videos realized by my sister who is ten years older than me and I was spellbound, then I also started to participate in twinning-projects when I was at Ranucci primary school. I remember the first spot, the one about vandalism, made together with the school of Procida. Two years ago I took part in the day of legality in Turin and this year in the news of the GT for youths on RAI-3.

And speaking of happiness, Anna ,who joined the group that produced the commercial for March 21st in Naples, to the question- why are you so happy today?-  replies: I am happy because Giulia, the protagonist of the spot, is so happy today!.

Marta, a girl from Bergamo, returning to her city, wrote: "From nothing we created a world. Thanks to you and to all those people who believe in it and that want to do it. "

Girls and boys tell about

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