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I subtitle a selfie for legality, ‘I stand up for it’ is an interactive exhibition for the students of Campania, produced by Marano Youths Spot Festival and organized in collaboration with Libera in the prestigious office of the National Museum of Capodimonte.

It's a fun and actual proposal that, using modern technologies of tablets and smartphones, now available to everyone, wants to encourage among boys and girls reflections on social and ethical issues.

With this initiative, promoted by the Campania Regional Education Office and the Directorate of the National Museum of Capodimonte, the relationship between Art and Legality is renewed, for the second consecutive year, in a process that will combine the research of the values of legality and our intent to make available and familiar the space-museum. The aim is to encourage young people in a renewed consciousness and social awareness, through the meeting with art and beauty.

And you... on which side are you?  It is an exhibition of visual arts designed and built originally for the sixteenth edition of Marano Boys Spot Festival. Staged for the first time from 4th to 10th November 2013 under the cloister of Santa Maria degli Angeli, in Marano di Napoli, the exhibition aims to investigate the ties that ,throughout history ,have been created between art and legality, declined in all its nuances (peace, justice, violence, rights etc.). In the original staging, the exhibition unfolds along a path of 36 works, including paintings, sculptures, street art, photographs and performances. The works are presented in the form of prints on panels, and are accompanied by captions containing the main information on them: title, author, date of creation, location. The title itself of this exhibition, asking for a specific question, attests to the desire not to be limited to a passive use of the works, but rather to create active participation among students, to whom this show is particularly addressed. In this connection we created a game /a personality test that wants to measure the "quotient of legality" of the user, through a series of closed questions that, starting from the observation of the works, investigate about the students' opinion about issues of some current events such as war, violence, discrimination, justice and mafias.

At the National Museum of Capodimonte, from October 19 to November 20, 2015, produced by the Regional School for the region and by the Museum of Capodimonte and in collaboration with the LIBERA Association, will host the exhibition: "The deception of 'eye'

A game of visual perception between developed interactive view of reproductions of works of art, perceptual games and their references to literary and philosophical reflections.

The purpose of the exhibition is to ask ourselves how we look at each other and things, to learn to look beyond the appearance, going deep, to know and discover the beauty of diversity without a label, without prejudice, to learn how to re- look back and discover the Other within us.

The proposal, in line with previous experience of working, aims to bring emotionally kids to become familiar with the environment museum, to live creatively as a place not only of knowledge, of the encounter with the beauty of the wonder and enchantment, but particularly as a place of formation of conscience and thought, to recognize and learn to love the values of social justice, solidarity, the rule of law.