Meeting art, talking about legality

And discovering among the meanings of a painting, a picture, a sculpture, the cues to wonder about the relationship we have with the rules of a civil society to ask ourselves if we are really good citizens. Hence the idea of this exhibition-path, a simple and fun personality test, one of those that we find in the newspapers in summer; only a pretext, an opportunity to ask questions and find out about the mafia, justice, solidarity, on which side we are really. A journey through the rights and freedoms that wants to fascinate and educate at the same time, joining the moments of the meeting, of the knowledge and reflection on the work of art, to those of the discovery of ethical values and the rules of law.

Meeting art, talking about beauty

and learning to see the beauty, to learn and think and grow free. If we teach children how to write poetry, if we teach them the pleasure to build ancestral images getting their hands dirty in colour, if together with them we create "beauty" and if we make their hearts beat in the presence of a work of ' Art, then yes we would help them to see the world through different eyes! We would provide them invincible instruments against the sense of resignation, that convinces us that things are in this way and in this way they must go on; that the desolation of some of our suburbs and the chaos of visual pollution of our cities are inevitable; that transgression, the disregard of rules, corruption, mafias are and will continue to be there. So "everybody behaves like this ... and then what can we change?" And so like the blind  of Bruegel, we drag clinging to each other in the precipice of indifference, as the blind  in a world of the blind.

Meeting beauty, being enchanted by the law

and if a guy is wrong it is certainly in relation to his family, to the environment in which he lives, to his bad friends, but perhaps it is also the fault of those who, often distant, can not use those tools capable of speaking directly .Let’s address to the heart  then to  the mind, using emotions to convey the reason that made us fall in love with the things we try to teach.

Let’s learn to look with them for the beauty of legality, let’s look for it  also in the beauty and complexity of art; let’s look for it within us, beyond what appears, in our heart, with our eyes open to "paint" responsibly our lives, so that it becomes a work of art, a masterpiece.

Rosario D’Uonno


E tu da che pArte stai?

interactive path between Arter and Legaliy by Rosario D’Uonno and Marzia Figliolia