On May 23rd, the city administration and  the coordination of the schools of the city of Marano of Naples, organized a demonstration to commemorate the victims of the Capaci massacre: "Together for legality"

The initiatives for May 23rd go on year after year offering more and more articulated programmes: 1995 Discovering Marano; 1996 Let's start by three; 1997 Together against the Mafias for the culture of legality. This event included, among other things, a series of videos made by schools in which they presented experiences and reflections about its activities in relation to education to legality and some spots of Social Marketing produced by the ‘Project Fantasia’.

1990 - 1997
‘Project Fantasia’  was realized at the S.M.S. Alfieri  in Marano. It is an integrated project : Education Office of Naples and the Campania Region for the wastage. In two years of course, boys and girls out of compulsory schooling, obtained middle school-leaving certificate and a vocational qualification for employees in the advertising graphics, issued by the Region.
Over the years boys and girls have produced posters for the event of May 23rd, as well as other posters of Social Marketing.
From posters to commercials, the step was short.

To capitalize the experience of the Project Fantasia, but especially to give the May 23rd initiative a stronger connotation, the idea of ​​proposing a provincial festival of Youths Social Marketing was born.
The schools of Marano realized 20 adverts and presented them with about ten ads  produced by other schools in Naples and in its province: the Festival of Marano Youths Social Advertising was born.

The festival became national, and it was named ‘Marano Youths Spot Festival’.

A multi-year network agreement between the  schools of Marano is undersigned: it is the"Consortium Schools City of Marano".
A Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Marano and the "Consortium Schools City of Marano" is signed.

To come to an agreement with the  organizational needs of the schools, the festival was postponed to the month of October.

Since 1998 until today
the festival has consolidated its position in the world of festivals for school audiovisual media, becoming a point of reference and a meeting place for similar national experiences and more.
It saw the participation of 720 national schools, of which about half of them are from Campania Region. 1103 commercials were presented at the different competitions.
Every year the festival has given space to the youths social theatre and to experiences of voluntary organizations. It  hosted foreign delegations: Eritrea, Sweden, England, Germany, Serbia, Pakistan, India, Tunisia.
It hosted experiences of advertising professional agents and of young beginners.
It has benefited from the cooperation of important cultural institutions: University of Naples, University of Salerno, Academy of Fine Arts in Naples (that was responsible for the creation of the logo of the festival) and associations like LIBERA( for four years –a special experience-the television spots  of this association have been produced by the students of Marano),Social Marketing, Public Amnesty International, ‘Mani Tese’.
A significant contribution to the event has always been given by RAI. It has provided important materials for the exhibitions, it has followed the festival from its beginning with the programme Screensaver and with punctual services on GT Kids.
Significant is the cooperation of major national companies (FIAT and CIAL) and International ones (Disney) that have linked their trademark to national competitions offered by the Festival.

Important awards and memberships, including the institutional patronage of the President of the Republic, have been acknowledged to Marano Youths Spot Festival.